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Opportunities for Musicians - https://t.co/8g8ubZcPI2
RT @SpeakGaelic: Here’s a look at what’s to come in tonight’s episode of #SpeakGaelic 👀 Tune in at 7.30pm on @bbcalba, chì sinn ann sibh!…
RT @BrianOhEadhra: Join acclaimed Gaelic singer @brianoheadhra to learn Scottish Gaelic songs each week online. 🎵 You will learn traditiona…
Read the latest Hands Up for Trad Weekly News  - https://t.co/DksvAAHnsl
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Starting on the 15th October - don’t miss the new SpeakGaelic course. Looks amazing! https://t.co/7nYrNsHe77… https://t.co/uBsihNDi35
Great opportunity! Scotland’s Folk Musicians Up Their Game With Post-Pandemic Social Media Support… https://t.co/Sa5FougvXY
RT @sweeneyfiddle: A plea… For the sake of transparency and honesty, and not want wanting to sound desperate… if you are planning to come a…
Read the latest Hands Up for Trad Weekly News  - https://t.co/H57u5AvNyD
Great news! Celtic Connections Returns for 2022. Read about the amazing lineup at the festival… https://t.co/SbQahzIYlH
RT @TradMusicForum: 💛 SOCIAL FOLK With funding from @CreativeScots we have teamed up with @handsupfortrad @scottishmusic @ShowcaseScot to…
Read the latest Hands Up for Trad Weekly News  - https://t.co/zk7KWts638
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Sad new today. Paddy Moloney RIP https://t.co/g3So83fbz2 https://t.co/gRCTp2bIYR
Opportunities for Musicians - https://t.co/BgpYGdMdDM