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Read about the inspiration that is Mary Macmaster
Opportunities for Musicians -
Have you tried playing Mandy’s composed by Amber Thornley? Give it a shot!
Read about Inspiration Awardee 2017: Grace Stewart Skinner – Hands Up for Trad @FeisRois
RT @LesleyRiddoch: Great to see Mathew Fitt &James Robertson get special award for Itchycoo & services to Scots at #NaTrads. Matt says @Sco
RT @GradySNP: So proud of my good friend @adamfiddle - third time lucky as #NaTrads Composer of the Year! Thoroughly deserved & a great sta…
@eventbritehelp Great! That’s what we are on :-)
Applications for the 2018 Fèis Rois Ceilidh Trail are now open! – Trad Music Schools…
@Readdle What the difference between Calenders 5 and Calenders by Readdle (which is the one I use)?
@BDIBChat @__ClaireMac My favourite TV never actually changes. It's as its always been The Scottish Traditional Mus…
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Catch up on Trad Awards - Scotland's Traditional Music Awards, 2017 - live from Paisley, with an all-star line-up…
RT @Gaeliconsultant: #Gàidhlig #Outlander Shin agaibh an duine fhéin! @Gillebride at #NaTrads
RT @Paisley2021: Catchy! Tide Lines giving it their all at #NaTrads. Crowd are loving it. #Paisley2021 #UKCityofCulture2021…
RT @Gaeliconsultant: #Gàidhlig #Outlander Shin agaibh an duine fhéin! @Gillebride at #NaTrads
Support musicians by purchasing Physical, and direct digital downloads - an article by @RealSnarkyPuppy
RT @samhla: Well done to Gary Innes and Robert Robertson from Lochaber #NaTrads
HI @eventbritehelp We use you to sell tickets for our events. Do we need anything extra to promote a conference? Thanks!
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