RT @U3A_UK: @U3A_UK #Dundee won the @handsupfortrad Chorus Community Music Award 2017 for #Ukulele group -Dee Ukes. The public loved you!…
Tinto Taster ensemble en mass at @WistonLodge #huftlive https://t.co/MIcAoPoupu
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Great to hear young people singing in Scots and Gaelic at Tinto Tasters #huftlive @CreativeScots https://t.co/nGupFBGt0u
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Great to hear all the young Tinto Tasters musicians getting the chance to sing in Scots and Gaelic #huftlive https://t.co/nmaVu9pwZi
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Thanks to @CreativeScots YMI for their support in making Tinto Tasters available for all. #huftlive https://t.co/1eS02T73oJ