ALI LEVACK wins BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician 2020 @tradmusicforum
Great music from Ali Levack #youngtrad
RT @mairimusic: The Pendulum band gig is shaping up for @queens_hall on Sat 15 Feb. I love this music and after the great feedback on Storm…
RT @TradMusicForum: ❗️🌟PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS Feb, March & April in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Inverness. - STAGE PRESENCE - RIGHTS…
RT @BBCRadioScot: The bagpipes are out! Alexander Levack is our fourth finalist of the night. Alexander says that the last time he performe…
Review: The High Rolling Sessions & @AdamHolmesBand , Drygate Brewery. @ccfest 30th January 2020…
Where has the time gone! Last finalists - Padruig Morrison #youngtrad
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RT @MhairiHall: #houseband @BBCRadioScot @bbcalba LIVE on 📺 and 📻 5pm - nae pressure house band!!! 🎹🎵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #youngtradfinal @handsupfortra
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Lovely review of Anais Mitchell Campfire at @ccfest from @ionafyfe @KrisDrever
RT @brianjaffa: First gig for Scotland’s newly-crowned young musician of the year Ali Levack aboard the Renfrew Ferry with his band @Projec
RT @BBCRadioScot: The fifth finalist of the evening is Josie Duncan from the Isle of Lewis. She’s finished her hot water with ginger and ho…
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Opportunities for Musicians -
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