Hands Up for Trad for the Afternoon Show with the Peatbog Faeries and step dancer Sophie Stephenson https://t.co/Eq8A45b3WT
So next up we have @bbcradioscot #youngtrad semi-finalist Chris Gray from his debut album. We are playing LA’s Welc… https://t.co/VqF03XCbo1
Coming up at 3pm today! Join @simonthoumire for the 204th edition of the Foot Stompin' Podcast show today to listen… https://t.co/mGZeTFrfLQ
RT @natlibscot: Our Wee Windaes site (https://t.co/KXShvig51m) won Project o the Year at the Scots Language Awards. Thanks to all the maka…
The Wee Gaitherin - part o the Scots Language Awards 2020 https://t.co/PVEHvuF5cM
Scots Language Awards Ceremony and Gala Concert https://t.co/M8ObeO6B1o
Next up we have Absinthe In Aranya from @rossainsliemus's Vana release. Then we will play @laurabethsalter's Our Bo… https://t.co/8QdisyYCar
Next up we have McGoldrick's by @johnmccusker and his Goodnight Ginger album. This will be followed by Fluorescent… https://t.co/DaYaR7aWDM
RT @StuartPoet: A wheen o hanks tae @TheNational fir this braw piece oan @handsupfortrad Scots Leid Awards. Grand seein Scots get national…
RT @OUScotland: Mony an muckle congratulations tae aa o the winners in tonight's 2020 Scots Language Awards! Wir delightit tae hiv bin a Sc…
RT @scottishmusic: INTRODUCING finalists @BBCRadioScot Young Traditional Musician Award 2021 > @ionafyfe (Vocals), @elliesbeaton (Vocals),…
Starting at 3pm - Mr Thoumire’s Fine Tunes with @simonthoumire. First track is from the might @TaliskMusic. Listen… https://t.co/wXNAVs63dJ
So next on the podcast we have Between Wind And Water by the String Sisters. I would like to see them live one day!… https://t.co/xnF5OI0mlm
RT @ionafyfe: Fair tricket tae hae Scots Performer o the Year at the Scots Language Awards! 🎉 A muckle weel deen tae @Historic_Ally and @si
And we are off. Listening to the fabulous @TaliskMusic - Montreal. Next up is the latest single from @InyalBand An… https://t.co/Xaekh7LwQW
RT @ashdouglasscot: 🏆🎉🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scots Language Awards 2020 - Bairns Book o the Year! Ma wee speech on behauf o aw the smashin scrievers whae…
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