Opportunities for Musicians - https://t.co/s9RAVwUHau
RT @BrianOhEadhra: Join acclaimed Gaelic singer @brianoheadhra to learn Scottish Gaelic songs each week online. 🎵 You will learn traditiona…
Great opportunity! Scotland’s Folk Musicians Up Their Game With Post-Pandemic Social Media Support… https://t.co/Sa5FougvXY
RT @SpeakGaelic: Here’s a look at what’s to come in tonight’s episode of #SpeakGaelic 👀 Tune in at 7.30pm on @bbcalba, chì sinn ann sibh!…
Opportunities for Musicians - https://t.co/BgpYGdMdDM
Don't miss Tinto Halloween School - 29 Oct ‐ 31 Oct with brilliant tutors @JosieDuncanSong and @inneswatsomusic. F… https://t.co/n7kriirLw4
Fancying playing a tune with some other people? Why not join the Hands Up for Trad Strathspey and Reel Society this… https://t.co/8IMnf8W7lY
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Sad new today. Paddy Moloney RIP https://t.co/g3So83fbz2 https://t.co/gRCTp2bIYR
RT @TradMusicForum: 💛 SOCIAL FOLK With funding from @CreativeScots we have teamed up with @handsupfortrad @scottishmusic @ShowcaseScot to…
RT @sweeneyfiddle: A plea… For the sake of transparency and honesty, and not want wanting to sound desperate… if you are planning to come a…
SpeakGaelic has launched! Sign up for free now to start learning! https://t.co/7nYrNspCIx @MGALBA https://t.co/M98OuypbOf
Read the latest Hands Up for Trad Weekly News  - https://t.co/DksvAAHnsl
Read the latest Hands Up for Trad Weekly News  - https://t.co/H57u5AvNyD
Great news! Celtic Connections Returns for 2022. Read about the amazing lineup at the festival… https://t.co/SbQahzIYlH
Starting on the 15th October - don’t miss the new SpeakGaelic course. Looks amazing! https://t.co/7nYrNsHe77… https://t.co/uBsihNDi35
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Opportunities for Musicians - https://t.co/8g8ubZcPI2
Read the latest Hands Up for Trad Weekly News  - https://t.co/nBzVhCQRoD
RT @scottishmusic: 📯Folk musicians! Social Folk offers support to improve your presence on social media platforms: a new initiative from @…