RT @mairimusic: The Pendulum band gig is shaping up for @queens_hall on Sat 15 Feb. I love this music and after the great feedback on Storm…
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Climate Change Documentary wins at this year’s FilmG Awards https://t.co/rZ1PQqJjlM @mgalba https://t.co/aVp3n9k6lv
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ALI LEVACK wins BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician 2020 https://t.co/BTsHT4bZNr @tradmusicforumhttps://t.co/th6kyySCPO
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RT @TradMusicForum: ❗️🌟PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS Feb, March & April in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Inverness. - STAGE PRESENCE - RIGHTS…
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Opportunities for Musicians - https://t.co/zNu1PllEKe
Read the latest Hands Up for Trad Weekly News  - https://t.co/94q8PUChOX
Read the latest Hands Up for Trad Weekly News  - https://t.co/z18fnDG2ST
RT @brianjaffa: First gig for Scotland’s newly-crowned young musician of the year Ali Levack aboard the Renfrew Ferry with his band @Projec
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