Opportunities for Musicians - https://t.co/lkPdqpXqqG
@brianjaffa @thistlejohn @scotsman_arts Listening now. I think this is a good policy? As long as you have been paying tax!
RT @simonthoumire: Listen to the episode of my podcast: Spending A Moment With Fiddler Jenna Reid https://t.co/zpWyyLm0vJ @jennareidmusic h…
Bandcamp are donating their fee to artists this Friday 20th March. Read more here and please buy from your fav arti… https://t.co/Jj932AcvAk
Opportunities for Musicians - https://t.co/KvlwjRJYXP
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RT @jennbutterworth: #StayAtHome I’m only leaving the house for food or for solo exercise (on my own, trying to stay far away from people,…
Listening now to the Chancellor's measures to support the self-employed. The Govt are promising to pay 80% of incom… https://t.co/iJh1KJBzOU
Loved this chat with Sarah-Jane Summers! Listen to "Spending A Moment With Fiddle Sarah-Jane Summers" by Simon Thou… https://t.co/Lyfqi0AoDo
Had a great chat with @adamfiddle the other day about his fiddling life. Have a listen here https://t.co/yHP995KUB7 https://t.co/08AUZpcYkW
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I really enjoyed spending a moment with fiddler and teacher Rua Macmillan. Listen here! https://t.co/TbG4SV8144… https://t.co/bhXIxgI1L2
RT @AlihuttonPipes: Couple o’reels! Yin fae the heilands and ain fae The Emerald Isle! Take yer partners for a launch roond the living room…
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