RT @StuartPoet: FM @NicolaSturgeon weel kennt for loving her books. Watch the post Nicola, grand stuff on its way inc ma ain new yin & ithe…
RT @ingridhendo: #Tional Fèis Ciùil Ghàidhlig air Loidhne Là 3. Mi fhìn ‘s a’ bhodach ‘s tòrr eile a’ gabhail cèilidh bho 1f air @handsupf
Tional Online Gaelic Music Festival Day 2 https://t.co/OEuM3xzJwl
Tional Online Gaelic Music Festival Day 2 https://t.co/qj4gr2NIER
Coming up at 3pm - An Audience with @artmaccarmaig ! #tional Watch live at Hands Up for Trad Facebook/YouTube/Twitt… https://t.co/0tkqE01hTq
Opportunities for Musicians - https://t.co/NYvQhBFcMz
Starting at 2pm. Live concert from @MaritandRona FACEBOOK/HANDSUPFORTRAD YOUTUBE/HANDSUPFORTRAD #tional #huftonline
Tional Online Gaelic Music Festival Day 3 https://t.co/5q3B1mgIsz
RT @LairnScots: The #Scots Language awards, hostit by @handsupfortrad, will take place online oan Seturday 24th October at 8pm. Make yer n…
Tional Online Gaelic Music Festival Day 2 Evening Concert https://t.co/bsQ1jdepKe
Tional Online Gaelic Music Festival Day 1 https://t.co/XN2WEayWNw
Just posted a video https://t.co/35mixGqgrt
Don’t miss @sophiesophabulous TIONAL step dance workshop tomorrow at 4pm over on Hands Up for Trad FB page our YouT… https://t.co/hjtfowQM6E
Latha math dhaibh uile! Cha mhòr nach eil TIONAL oirnn agus nach sinne a tha air bhioran. Coltach ri cèilidh Gàidhe… https://t.co/5r0ezwLWTs
We're very excited that #Tional Virtual Gaelic Music Festival is kicking off at 8pm tonight. Our opening concert wi… https://t.co/QIEekj4Uxi
Coming up at 1pm - a brilliant concert from @ingridhendo and Iain MacFarlane. Visit Hands Up for Trad Facebook/Yout… https://t.co/ygbrp1xOnI
RT @ingridhendo: #Tional Virtual #Gaelic Music Festival Day 3....Survivors Day!! Iain & I bring you tunes, chat & craic along with many o…
Join @joydunlop for Covid choir workshop at #tional. Join at Facebook/handsupfortrad or YouTube/handsupfortrad… https://t.co/bNoVHg3N8I