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Between Islands project to celebrate the musical links between Orkney, Shetland and the Outer Hebrides at Orkney Fo…
The latest ScottishCultureOnline!
The latest ScottishCultureOnline!
Opportunities for Musicians -
Watch the latest @handsupfortrad Quiz with teams @eabhalmusic and @ProjectSmok_ competing to be the March quiz cham…
RT @bbcalba: And the crowd go wild for @kinnaris5! Siuthadaibh fhèin a chaileagan. #NaTrads
Watch the latest #handsupfortradtv presented by @simonthoumire and Mark Maguire. Featuring @TannaraMusic
MG ALBA looks to BBC to fulfil settlement agreement on extra hours @tradmusicforum
Watch the latest #handsupfortradtv presented by @simonthoumire and Mark Maguire. Featuring @TannaraMusic
Congratulations to MIke Vass - Hands Up for Trad’s Ignition Award for Innovation 2019…
Have you released an album since September 2018? Don’t forget to add it to the Trad Album of the Year list!
Listen to Swan Song by @GaryInnes from his latest album Imminent on #folkwaves…
@MuireannNic Excellent!
Do you write reels, jigs, waltzes or any other tunes? Why note enter your tunes into the 2019 MusicHub Collection!…
FolkWaves Weekly Music Download 🎤 🎧 🎻 -
RT @WNobleMusic: Hands Up for Trad March 2019 Quiz - Eabhal vs Project Smok! Good try @eabhalmusic ! @handsupfortrad
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And so does this!! Writing workshop with David Greig Royal Lyceum Theatre @lyceumtheatre
This looks fab!! Local Hero: Musical Direction workshop @tradmusicforum @scottishmusic @creativescots @lyceumtheatre