What a weird and wonderful set of pledges by @Shooglegigs for their upcoming album #acidcroft9! Listen to James lis… https://t.co/S2mPbrGFgz
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I'm going live today (Tuesday) at 3pm with Mr Thoumire’s Fine Tunes on Mixlr https://t.co/JI2eAzQ3L3 #HUFTOnline. I… https://t.co/S4t1YTjQNQ
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RT @handsupfortrad: What a weird and wonderful set of pledges by @Shooglegigs for their upcoming album #acidcroft9! Listen to James list th…
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And we are off with Capercaillie. Sidewaulk was an album a way ahead of its time in my opinion. Listen in here!… https://t.co/w7eztJYolT
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