RT @scottishbktrust: We are invitin aw young fowk aged 11-18 tae tak pairt in a braw new competition tae scrieve a poem, a story, a play or…
This weekend Hands Up for Trad hosted the first virtual Stonehaven Folk Festival and it was fab! If anyone would li… https://t.co/11LB2BI3g8
Starting tomorrow! Tinto Virtual Summer school. Great tutors - @jennareidmusic Michael Bryan @JosieDuncanSong and M… https://t.co/sk2T15SRk6
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After Hamish Napier we will be listening to the beautiful silky voice of Father Sidney MacEwan singing Dawning of t… https://t.co/c0uLnq7xT4
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RT @NapierHamish: Really enjoyed running an online Flute and Whistle Course last week for @SabhalMorOstaig with a brilliant group of folk.…
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RT @GenuineScotland: @NeilDrysdale Mine’s ‘sunflaucht’, for sunbeam reminds me of a flute 🎶 ☀️ How about you folks? @billykayscot @Historic
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