I can’t wait to hear the fabulous (and Award winning) Siobhan Miller band tonight! Can you? Can’t beat a live gig.… https://t.co/UXObXsdKbB
Don't miss the next Hands Up for Trad Strathspey and Reel Society on 7th October at 7.30pm! Loads of great tunes le… https://t.co/lWHIue70Sk
RT @handsupfortrad: This weekend! Due to Covid there is a lineup change for @handsupfortrad Music Club. Unfortunately @Kinnaris5 have to bo…
And we are off! Currently rockin with @cuillinmusic 's Hardland. next up we have @EmilyTriggs track Scotland. Liste… https://t.co/kitVLE8GfO
Not long now till @Siobhan_Miller Band performs at Hands Up for Trad Music Club. Gig starts at 8pm and if you haven… https://t.co/FiESGy5V5Q
RT @TradMusicForum: Tonight! This will be great. Why not join in and have some fun with the Hands Up For Trad Strathspey and Reel Society?…
Coming up at 3pm! Mr Thoumire’s Fine Tunes starting off with the fabulous @cuillinmusic. Listen in https://t.co/L4FXJi0d9j #HUFTOnline
Tonight Wednesday 23rd September it's the Hands Up for Trad Strathspey and Reel Society with the fabulous… https://t.co/5CLP0756Kh
Next on Mr Thoumire’s Fine Tunes we have @heiskmusic Andina who are playing Hands Up for Trad Music Club this Satur… https://t.co/0Acy5Mj3J5
RT @TobarDualchais: Thagh Christine Primrose ‘Cuimhl’ an Fhortan’ air a shèinn le Anna NicPhail à Siabost dhuinn mar clàr na seachdain. ht…
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The 200th Foot Stompin' Podcast is going well! Next we have a track from @LAUmusic's Midnight and Closedown followe… https://t.co/nhiWD4gSlK
We are currently listening to beautiful voice of @jimmalcolm1 Lads o the Fair and next up we have @patsyreid Glint… https://t.co/BpAPjrNP7p
RT @raisethegame: @Block30817688 @BBCPolitics Until venues can be opened safely the hard-won expertise of musicians and performers is as wo…
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Next up on Mr Thoumire’s Fine Tunes we have @InnoWotso's African Waltz from Shhh I'm on the phone followed by Chan… https://t.co/AivCnpst9F
RT @Fuzzyhaggis: Check out the @handsupfortrad Tinto Autumn School on-line with @innowatso and @JosieDuncanSong. It's going to be fab! ht…
Don’t forget to buy your ticket for Siobhan Miller Band this Friday! Will be brilliant. Link in bio https://t.co/GoMiRncwzo
Please come and join the 200th edition of the Foot Stompin' Podcast show today at 3pm today (BST) to listen to new… https://t.co/IHEDRYwwgg