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Coming up at 3pm! Mr Thoumire’s Fine Tunes starting off with the fab John Rae's Celtic Feet. Listen in… https://t.co/cobaCTH7fh
Next on Mr Thoumire’s Fine Tunes is the latest single from @fraserfifield Lament for the Old Sword. This will be fo… https://t.co/GGZ6Bx5yW9
Next up we have @JamesHMusic_ The Jake Bag (Ft Ciariàn Ryan) followed by @louisebichan and Cornerhouse with Woolwic… https://t.co/LeaMZEUUvT
Next up on Mr Thoumire’s Fine Tunes we have the latest single from @GrainneBrady 's Newcomer album Unfulfilled feat… https://t.co/TYkQYC3KUh
Announcement! Hands Up for Trad are hosting our first Gaelic and Scots song competitions and we are looking for ent… https://t.co/zXCLpZadeq
Next up on the podcast we are playing a track from @DuncanLyall's Infinite Reflections. Remember and check out his… https://t.co/BWvEwldHM9
Next up on Mr Thoumire’s Fine Tunes we have Superwoman from @twelfthday and then The Tannahill Weavers. Listen in… https://t.co/wHUhC5BhgA
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The Mr Thoumire’s Fine Tunes podcast is off! Currently listening to the brilliant @KrisDrever. Next up is Frigg fro… https://t.co/Ih9dFeu1yd
Currently listening to @hannahrarity singing Alison Cross and then we revisit The Portal by @Martin_Green__ Listen… https://t.co/MnXMKv3Sto
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Currently playing Kevin Dempsey and Joe Broughton on Mr Thoumire’s Fine Tunes. Next is the beautiful voice of… https://t.co/4Ma24yHQaU
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Hands Up for Trad Afternoon Show with Tim Edey https://t.co/8848ISA9MR
Hands Up for Trad are hosting a live music showcase on the 10th April 2021. It is an open call and opportunity for… https://t.co/3wvKqx3jcg
Coming up at 3pm - Mr Thoumire’s Fine Tunes starting of with John Rae's Celtic Feet followed by @ionafyfe Bonnie La… https://t.co/NQoT78ncfc
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